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The Passover Papers by Paul R. Finch
Mr. Paul R. Finch is an independent researcher residing in central Florida. He was once a member of the Worldwide Church of God during the time when the issues in "The Passover Papers" were being brought up in the 1970’s. Mr. Finch wrote his first paper on the Passover in 1975, and has been accumulating data on the subject ever since. As an insider, his background well suits him to deal with this ever complex subject from the perspective of one, who has witnessed first hand one of the biggest controversies in all of Christianity. 
About the Author
The Passover Papers is a good old fashioned Bible study, Determining the correct date and time of the Passover sacrifice, the Wednesday Crucifixion theory, the Saturday Resurrection theory, the meaning of various Hebrew terms involved, how the Bible originally counted days, The Old Testament Passover–A Study of its Time Element, The Passover Papers, Paul R. Finch, Paul Finch, Mr. Paul R. Finch, Worldwide Church of God, Christianity, Christian Book, The book The Passover Papers was published by B-F Enterprises, B-F Enterprises, Passover, Passover Study, Study the Passover, Study the timing of the Passover events, A good Christian study book is titled The Passover Papers, Potentially the best Christian book written by Mr. Paul R. Finch is titled The Passover Papers, The Christian book titled The Passover Papers, Author Paul R. Finch’s best book is titled The Passover Papers, Books published by B-F Enterprises, The Passover Papers, A good book is titled The Passover Papers, Buy a great Christian Book The Passover Papers, Order the Christian book titled "The Passover Papers", About the book The Passover Papers, Author Mr. Paul R. Finch, author of The Passover Papers, About B-F Enterprises the publisher of the book The Passover Papers, Do not miss purchasing the book "The Passover Papers", You purchased the Christian book "The Passover Papers",
Second Edition
Awaiting the return of Christ, who answered everything on the cross!!