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The Passover Papers by Paul R. Finch
The first edition of the book “The Passover Papers” was published in 1998.  It was based on an earlier paper that the author wrote and submitted to the Doctrinal Committee of the Worldwide Church of God in Pasadena, California.  The title of that earlier paper was “The Old Testament Passover – A Study of its Time Element” and was submitted in January 1975. 
After the first edition of “The Passover Papers” sold out, many people asked the author Paul R. Finch to have additional copies printed.  But he resisted.  Then around 2008, he decided to completely update “The Passover Papers” with new data and up-to-date information that makes this book the magnum opus on the subject.
No study on the timing of Passover would be complete without considering the tour-de-force arguments presented in this book.
About the Book
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Second Edition
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